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mobile strike hackMobile strike hack cheats is a game that can be played on an android phones or any smart phone. The game is powered by generating unlimited free gold. The game can also be played on a tablet or on a pc by simply downloading the app and start playing the game. With the app, it is easy to accumulate the fee gold in a matter of a few minutes and therefore playing this game becomes a walk in the park.

hack strategy game

The mobile strike hack is an online strategy game which was designed and developed by the Game of War mobile game wizards. This game features a military strategy with modern war tactics and tools that allows players to safeguard and control all activities in their base as they are fighting the enemy that wants to invade their territory. This game gives players an opportunity to battle against bother players in order to win the Head of State Title that is being battled for by all players. This game goes in a series of levels where a player is required to purchase the Gold in order to advance to the next level. This is possible by accumulating the free gold in order to make the mobile strike online

The game begins by the player being the commander of the base where he is needed to build and equip the base in order to climb the ranking boards. The player is needed to build a quarry, oil well, and is shown how to upgrade and maintain these resources by a female with a guided tutorial. The player is required to maintain a defensive wall to be able to safeguard the headquarters. The base contains a lot a number of tiles and a training ground that will facilitate training of troops. The base power is increased by upgrading the headquarters more often.

The research facility in the game guides the players in researching about traps, combats and many more. Researching traps will allow the player to acquire land mines, barbed wire or electric fence to protect the wall from possible attacks.

The game allows the player to join alliances of his choice in order to earn gifts and get extra missions paving way for bonus gold. The more the player collaborates with other alliances, the stronger the power to fight enemies. Challenges can be overcome together giving the player more rewards to use in building the base. Players are recommended to choose high level tiles as gives high chances to the troops to return safely to the base.

Being a military strategy game, it is a sizzling and one the games that are fun to play and the challenge it gives to the players is also educative in nature as it is entertaining.

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